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Guiyang sci-tech city revs up business promotion

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-02-28

Since the establishment of the administrative committee of Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City on June 21, last year, its investment promotion work has been steadily progressing.

Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City supports major industries such as big data (artificial intelligence), new energy batteries and materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information manufacturing, and strategic emerging industries to empower industrial transformation and upgrading.

To promote standardized and efficient investment attraction work, Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City has formulated regulations for investment attraction management. These regulations focus on seven investment attraction processes including project discovery, follow-up, negotiation, evaluation, decision-making (signing), services, and realization, and form a closed-loop work system. It has also established an investment promotion assessment mechanism among staff members of the administrative committee.

In the six months since its establishment, staff members of the committee have led more than 30 investment attraction activities in Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Hangzhou, which led to the signing of contracts with 33 companies, 19 of which have been registered.

As of Dec 2023, Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City had registered a total of 818 companies with the gross registered capital of 58.08 billion yuan ($8.09 billion).

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