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Committee for industrial big data set up in Guiyang HIDZ

Updated: 2019-10-10

A founding ceremony for a special committee -- for industrial big data in the National Technical Standard Innovation Base of Guiyang Big Data -- took place on Oct 9, according to local media reports.

It was held at CASICloud-Tech Co Ltd, in Guiyang National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (Guiyang HIDZ) in Guiyang, capital of southwestern Guizhou province.

The founding was initiated by CASICloud-Tech Co Ltd, officials said.

It is composed of relevant government agencies, enterprises and institutions and scientific research institutions of colleges and universities.

It will appoint 29 experts in the fields of industrial big data, industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing.

Officials said that standardization is a key goal in the production and operation of businesses -- providing a bridge between research, production and product sales.

The establishment of the committee aims to build a platform for standardization of big data standards.

It will also aim to build a collaborative platform for innovation in industry standards, explore new innovation models, develop industrial big data standards and launch public services for big data standards.

In addition, the committee plans to organize and form a number of industry-leading, national leading and internationally advanced standards and specifications.

These can be copied, popularized and productized, so as to improve the technical and service capabilities of the industrial Internet,

They will also promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, promote the big data strategy of Guizhou province, as well as accelerate the construction of China's first big data comprehensive pilot zone in Guizhou.

According to a representative from the committee, it will establish and improve the industrial big data standard system.

It will also establish a professional committee organization, focus on the development of industrial big data standards -- such as industrial data exchanges, industrial data analysis and related systems and industrial data management.

It will promote the application of standards in industrial businesses relying on the industry or enterprise standards developed by the committee.

At the same time, the committee will strengthen strategic cooperation with the Standardization Committee of the People's Republic of China.

It will also boost cooperation with relevant industry alliances and scientific research institutions, promote relevant technologies, products, standards and services -- as well as promote cooperation in industrial big data technology, standards, parks, personnel training and in other fields.

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