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Big Data Expo's app innovation contest to start preliminaries

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2021-05-10

More than 600 projects registered for the fusion innovation competition for industrial apps, which is a part of the 2021 Big Data Expo, to be held in Guiyang on May 26-28. Registration will close at 24:00 on May 10.

The competition has adjusted its format, schedule, prizes, evaluation and entry requirements. Preliminaries will take place both online and offline on May 11-12, and contestants can adjust their projects according to evaluation standards before the preliminaries begin.

Projects will be evaluated based on five categories: "technologies and products (services)", "business model and implementation plan", "application prospects and success cases", "project teams", and "completeness of registration information".

The "technologies and products (services)" category will account for 20 percent of the final score and takes projects' originality, innovation and core competitiveness into consideration.

"Business model and implementation plan" will occupy 25 percent of the final score and takes into account a project's practicality and innovation in its business model and the feasibility of its implementation plans.

"Application prospects and success case" will make up 25 percent of the final score and is based on a project's market prospects, sustainable development possibilities, ability to solve crucial problems, and the potential to gain market shares.

"Project teams" will make up 10 percent of the final score and is based on the experience and educational background of team members, as well as the configuration of the team members.

"Completeness of registration information" will make up 20 percent of the final score. The information should be complete, normative and logical.

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