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Baiyun cooperates with iFlytek in smart education

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2021-06-29

China's artificial intelligence pioneer iFlytek and Baiyun district in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, have built an intelligent education big data cloud platform to integrate smart classes with teaching and learning.

Baiyun District No 4 Middle School and iFlytek have been cooperating since September 2020.

Smart education is being applied in classes through new-generation information technologies such as the internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.

In the school's seventh and eighth grade mixed teaching classes, the application of smart classrooms has been promoted, and the normalized application of feedback and preparation of pre-school learning conditions, teaching and interaction in class, and homework sharing after class have been realized.

At present, teachers of all grades and subjects at Baiyun District No 5 Middle School can focus more on teaching with the help of an app developed by iFlytek called "Zhixuewang" (智学网), which has reduced teachers'work loads and increased their work efficiency.

Students can also use their free time to self-study with smart terminals. Each student can spend around 30 minutes a day using the system.

In recent years, iFlytek has continuously made breakthroughs in resource integration and core technology research and development in the education industry, and has become a national leader in education informatization.

Its smart education products have covered more than 1,000 schools in Guizhou province and have served more than 1 million teachers and students.

In addition, iFlytek will begin cooperating in artificial intelligence fields such as smart politics and law, smart medical care, and smart cities in Guizhou.



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