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Guizhou Science City ranks among China's top 100 science cities

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-01-12


Guizhou Science City ranks 34th on the 2023 list of "China top 100 science and technology cities". [Photo/Guiyang news network]

Two science and technology cities in Southwest China's Guizhou province made it onto the 2023 list of "China top 100 science and technology cities", which was recently released by CCID Consulting's center for urban economic research.

Guizhou Science City, located in the Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, ranked 34th on the list.

The ranking evaluated the comprehensive competitiveness and development potential of 348 science and technology cities (including science cities) in the Chinese mainland.

It used four secondary indicators: infrastructure capacity, technological innovation capacity, urban carrying capacity, and supporting capability, along with 31 refined indicators.

Guizhou Science City fully focuses on technological innovation, commercialization achievements, and entrepreneurship. It integrates and utilizes resources from both within and outside the province to strengthen its technological innovation platform.

Currently, Guizhou Science City houses 91 research and development institutions and technology-based enterprises, covering 11 industries such as big data, healthcare, new materials, new energy, equipment manufacturing, and modern services.

Guizhou Science City has attracted more than 10 scientific research teams, including those from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, to carry out industry-university-research collaboration.

Additionally, it has gathered over 1,600 scientific and technological innovation talents and related personnel. So far, a total of 3,152 scientific and technological achievements have been obtained, and the cumulative output value of the park's institutions and enterprises has reached 1.46 billion yuan, with tax revenue of 362 million yuan.

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