Q&A: Immigration, entry/exit amid epidemic control


Questions and Answers by National Immigration Administration Concerning Immigration and Exit-Entry Administration during the Period of Prevention and Controlon Pneumonia caused by Novel Coronavirus


Message from the Guizhou Provincial Foreign Affairs Office to Foreign Nationals in Guizhou


In response to the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Guizhou Province has activated first–level public health emergence responseon January 24. The CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and Guizhou Provincial People's Government have attached great importance to and made comprehensive deploymenton prevention and control, ensuring all the measures are being carried out in an orderly manner.


Shubo Avenue Digital Twin City project passes expert review in Beijing


The top-level design for Shubo Avenue Digital Twin City, an important project in Guiyang, passed a review by a panel of experts in Beijing on Jan 4, according to local officials.


Guiyang online govt service platform better serves locals


Guiyang has made great effects in the deep integration and practical application of big data and government services, since its all-in-one online government service platform was officially launched in September last year, according to local officials.


Huawei cloud platform boosts Guiyang software industry


The Huawei software development cloud platform has upgraded the quality and efficiency of software development enterprises, boosting the expansion of the Guiyang software industry, according to local officials.


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